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Chongqing:Epitome of China's modernization

Dikirim oleh: 李则翰&钟孟君

Chongqing, a pleasant mountain city located in southwest of China.
As the youngest municipality of China,Chongqing’s modernization process is an epitome of China’s transition from an immature economy to a mature economy.
Motivated by the responsibility it shoulders, Chongqing has been moving towards an international metropolis with the top economic development pace among China in the past decade.
Chongqing’s awkward situation is also obvious,with great expectation on it and its immaturity to perfectly deal with the conflicts in the rapid growth.However,people are seeking for solutions with their wisdom and efforts.
The video focuses on the opportunities and challenges emerged through Chongqing’s modernization process. The first part shows Chongqing’s rapid growth and the problems ensued. The second part shows the infrastructure construction process. The third part shows an instance that the local people grasped the opportunity through modernization.

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