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Earthworms Farmer (কেঁচো চাষী)

Dikirim oleh: Tasmia Foyez

In Koerchala village, a large number of marginalized families have been changed their fate through organic agriculture and empowered themselves socioeconomically. Jahanara is one of them produces vermicompost with the help of earthworms and cow-dung. Koerchala is situated in Fulbaria upazila in Mymensingh district of Bangladesh.

I was impressed to see the story and made the video on earthworms farming. The reason of making the video is to inspire the marginalized community of Bangladesh and promote an eco-friendly organic agriculture product for saving life and saving the environment.

However, Jahanara and her only son Jahangir could not start the business initially. They had to face some shortcomings in terms of money, training and marketing. In this case, a non profit organization named CCDB has provided them microcredit with 0% interest rate and free training. After that, Jahanara was able to start the business and sell it through their network. Nevertheless, Jahanara’s son Jahangir has got inspired to see his mother’s success. Now, Jahanara and her son have the vision to create more vermicompost through investing for future and spread it across the country and help to foster economic growth.

Therefore, I believe, my video will reflect the key themes of the Advancing Asia conference through increasing their production for future.

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