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Advancing Asia from The Land of Java

Submitted by: Aldi Nurzahputra

Semarang is the capital of Central Java, of Indonesia. Semarang is one thriving city with the era of globalization. The more infrastructure and transportation were constructed. Increased high-rise buildings, hotels, and even tourist attractions. Economic growth also has a good improvement. In addition, technological developments are constantly being created through the creativity of its people. In addition internationalize the Batik and introduce culinary of Indonesia. Those things that continue to make Semarang be advanced and worldwide. However, sometimes these advances make us forget the cultural identity that owned. Javanese culture is our culture that is included in the world heritage. As one of the big cities on the land of Java, it should keep to preserve the Javanese culture because it is our identity. So, what will happen we advanced without a cultural identity?

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