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Economic Challenges in Yogyakarta

Dikirim oleh: Luthfan Prima Zul Fahmi

Special Region of Yogyakarta was founded in 1755 and has a governance structure monarchy. Yogyakarta has an area of ​​3133.15 square kilometers and has a population of approximately 3.5 million people.
Javanese culture that exists within the community of Yogyakarta, making the province feels special. There are still many things that are traditionally found in this province. Starting from the nature of the person who friendly to one another, cultural events are often held here, as well as a variety of other activities. Including economic activities shown by many of the people are farmers, fishermen and traders who make money in the traditional way.
However, as the number of potential that exists in Yogyakarta, whether it comes from the tourism sector or the economy sector, the more investors interested in doing business here, many hotels were built in the city center, as well as many places to shop that modern such as malls and supermarkets are threatening the activity of traditional economy.
Could Yogyakarta survive in these conditions? Could Yogyakarta still be special in the people's heart?

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