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"SAVE WATER" for life, with life, after life....!

Submitted by: NAVNEET PRIYE

Social realities in my country:
India has only 1,000 cubic meters of water per person for one year, it is the higher estimate. A country is considered water-stressed if it has less than 1,700 cubic meters per person per year.
India’s future economic growth is also a concern with water because it cannot expand irrigation or increase agricultural productivity by other means. In India most of population depends upon agriculture. This is because groundwater is an open-access resource and anyone can pump water from under his own land. We are also not conscious about save water in day to day activities. Water in most rivers in India is largely not fit for drinking and even in some river not fit for bathing also.
Water involves not only in every aspect of life but also after life as Death rituals. Because India is a growing economy and population, competing demands for this limited resource coming from households, industry, and agriculture have wide-ranging implications for the country’s future.
So, each and every person should not only think for it but have to do everything for it.

Thank You!

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