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Where do we stand?

Submitted by: Ahsan Mazindrani

Where do we stand is a tale capturing the social realities as the essence of developments and challenges faced, interpreting them as light and darkness through a candle.

A journey through time, places and philosophies, the tale intertwines a story of the challenges faced by people with the unexpected help they receive from each other.

The solutions we seek come from the small change we bring in our thoughts and actions. It’s the goodness in clouds that comes down as rain. It’s the goodness in the rains that flows into the oceans. It’s the goodness in the oceans that transforms back to clouds. In this cycle of goodness, do good not for the sake of getting it back but for the sake of someone who deserves it. It’s not sacrificing what we have, but sharing what we have.

It’s a tale of hand in hand, Where do we Stand?

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