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Advancing Asia through Local Wisdom

Submitted by: Gusti Reynaldi Cakramurti

Local wisdom is an endless treasures to be explored. Each region has a local wisdom that is unique and different. One example is Bali Island in Indonesia. Here, I took Bali to represent the Asia-Pacific region as Bali has some similarities in terms of its exotic local wisdom with some islands of Asia-Pacific region. Bali has a very strong identity in terms of culture, customs, and nature. Works of art and crafts is one source of livelihood in addition to farming. In addition, coastal indigenous communities also use natural products such as seaweed and fish for sale. Through good management, “this treasure” could become a tourist attraction of foreign (outside of Asia) to come to Bali or any other Asia-Pacific region so that the economy will increase. Thus, local wisdom is a key to improve the economy of Asia that never timeless and devoured by times to invest for the future.

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