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Investing for the future

Submitted by: Bat-Erdene

Mongolian warm heart young people are investing for the future.
Video theme is social reality in my country and through the young people can change the motivate youth to spend their time meaningfully and to show that we can accomplish our intentions if we just put our hearts into it.
We, the “Warm Hearted” (Khaluun Setgel), are independent of government, companies or anyone else. Under our common affection we have united to make tangible change for Mongolia and the well-being of the society.
We handed out complete sets of warm clothes to over 1000 people. Each package contained trousers, shoes, shirt, and outer coats. There were around 1000 children and adults at the Bio which is the second biggest dump nearby Ulaanbaatar and also poor districts. The children and poor people were adorable and smart, and looked very happy about their warm clothes.
This project covers the Ulaan Chuluut dump in Songinokhairkhan district, Bio dump in Khan- Uul district, and the families with low income in areas of Khujirbulan, and Tsaiz market in Baynzurkh District.

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